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Archive for the ‘Personal Health’ Category

New Devices Are Lowering the Cost of Health Care

Buried among all the scary articles about the high cost of health care comes some really good news:  Affordable, consumer-friendly devices are being made available that attack the medical issues most responsible for health care’s high cost.  It’s the chronic diseases, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke that account for 75% of that […]

Health and Fitness at the Consumer Electronics Show

The world’s largest annual showcase for new products, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), featured a record breaking 1.92 square miles of exhibit space this year.  That’s the size of 37 football fields!  Included in that vast area were 210 booths devoted to health and fitness, a record in itself.  The amount of space and special […]

All You Need to Know About Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is complicated.  There’s no getting around it.  It’s complicated because many conflicting interests have to be served to make it possible: drug manufacturers, drug retailers,  insurance companies,  drug regulatory agencies, and politics.  It’s  also complicated because every drug insurance plan offered is unique.  They differ,  most significantly,  in what drugs they cover […]

Concierge Medicine: A Moral Issue?

Concierge doctors restrict the number of patients they see, accepting 80-90% fewer patients than their primary care counterparts.  Their patients pay an extra $1500 – $2000 annually, over and above their regular health insurance, to become one of their exclusive patients.   The number of primary care physicians turning to a concierge practice has become cause […]

Concierge Medicine: Is it for You?

Weary, overwhelmed doctors in increasing numbers are turning to a concierge medical practice to escape the stress of what they feel is ‘conveyor-belt medicine’: seeing too many patients in too short a time.   Patients requiring extra attention with chronic and complex health problems are turning to concierge care to guide them through a medical maze […]

Why Should Anyone Have to Pay for Someone Else’s Birth Control?

Mandates stemming from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requiring all employers to offer ‘free’ birth control services for their employees go into effect this month.  Most of the media attention about it has centered on protests against the rules which would force religious organizations to violate church teaching against most forms of contraception. But, it’s […]

Health & Fitness at the Consumer Electronic Show

More space and attention was given to health and fitness at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) than ever before.  This reflects a growing consumer interest in living healthier lives.  Analysts see a big market ahead for tools that keep people fit, measure and motivate physical activity, encourage weight management, and promote healthy eating: all […]

Retail Clinics as Health Care Providers

People are increasingly going to a retail clinic for primary, non-emergency health care.  Retail clinics are less expensive and more accessible than conventional health care providers and studies show the results are largely the same. Also called primary care, mini, walk-in, or convenient care clinics, retail clinics are located in retail stores, pharmacies and supermarkets.  […]

Long-Term Care – The Middle Class Problem

The burden of paying for long-term care falls disproportionately on the middle class.  If the rich require long-term care services, they have the money to buy what they need.  The poor can be taken care of by Medicaid.  It’s the middle class that’s in trouble here  – they lack the resources needed to cover long-term […]

Part II: Long-Term Care – A Bigger Risk Than We Think

The recent failure of the CLASS act is drawing attention to a subject we tend to ignore or avoid – the possibility of costly long-term care in our future.  That possibility is growing with every life-saving medical advance that comes along.  How ironic is that!?  Today, in fact, the above-85-year-olds are the fastest growing population […]

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