My name is Jack and I am a new client and I was very impressed with how I was treated by Kelly so, I used to be the sales coordinator for a very large ‘.com’, so I appreciate when someone has such wonderful people skills and has this kind of kindness that comes through their voice that u can tell that they really care about u as well. So Kelly was really wonderful at helping me to complete my application and so I just feel like I needed to acknowledge her.

Jack Z., Los Angeles, CA

The staff at California Health Plans gave me the assistance I needed to complete the online health insurance application, and frequently sent me emails to update me on the progress of my application throughout the underwriting process. They totally took the stress out of shopping for a health insurance policy!

Stacy D., Playa del Rey, CA

I just wanted to bring to your attention Lisa Macias and Kelly Mercado. I have been working with them over the last month in signing people up with various health insurance plans. Both are knowledgeable, helpful, patient, polite, dependable, efficient, pleasant. I cannot say enough positive things about both of them! You are so fortunate to have them as part of your team. I look forward to working with them in the coming year as I use their help to get other people on board with health insurance. They are an unbeatable team! Wishes for a happy holiday! Warm regards,

Joan M., Hidden Valley Lake, CA

I am writing to let you know what a terrific insurance agent Brett Bennett is. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and kind. It is very rare to find an employee who treats a customer as if she is truly important — and Brett does exactly that. He provides meticulously clear information and is patient about answering every little question a person has about a complex subject. He also brings a delightful warmth and humor to his role, which make interacting with him a pleasure. I hope that this note finds its way into Brett’s file and that he can be recognized for his superb performance. Thank you very much,

Nancy G., Porter Ranch, CA

I have been associated with CHP for the last several years. Over that time they have actively managed my health insurance plan to keep up with both the health care reform policy changes and my own changes in insurance needs. Kelly was amazing when it came to helping during the processing of the applications. Brett was very helpful in finding the correct plan at the best price available. They are real professionals that put the client’s needs first. I am thrilled to have California health Plans looking out for my needs.

Denise B., Los Angeles, CA

I had a very pleasant experience with Lisa when signing up for my medicare supplement plan. She was extremely patient and explained all of my options. I was able to choose the supplement plan that best fit my needs.

Violeta M., Santa Barbara, CA

Thanks you so much for all of your help with my son, Emile’s application. You were brilliant and diligent!

Kris C., San Francisco, CA

Kelly, Thank you for all of your help. Kaiser just sent me approval for Deductible 50/5000 with HSA in the mail yesterday. Amazingly, it is only $307/month. I did call to verify that rate. A friend helped me write the appeal letter and apparently they thought that maybe I wasn’t such a high risk? Kaiser does point out that I am not grandfathered in and everything will change in 2014. So, I am happy for the moment and will retire in 2 weeks. I may reconnect with you in 2014. Your service has been outstanding. I tried and even though I had an offer from Blue Shield of California for $1021/month they have been absolutely unresponsive. I can’t even be sure that they have received my request to cancel that policy. I learned much from you and Brett in this process. Thank You,wledge her.

Ann K., San Mateo, CA

My daughter turned 26 about 2 months ago, and I was unaware that on her birthday she lost coverage. It wasn’t until she went to the pharmacy to get her monthly prescription that she was told she owed a huge sum, because her coverage had been canceled. I called up California Health Plans, let them know of the situation and they helped my daughter find a short-term plan that fit her needs. When the application process was done she had coverage that started the day after she did the application, and the family was protected from any issue that could have come up.

Rusty D., Thousand Oaks, CA