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Obama Care

Obama Care may have an impact -- positive or negative -- on health insurance companies. Opponents of Obama Care say that eventually people will stop buying health insurance when they learn that they can obtain insurance “on the way” to the hospital because of the preexisting coverage rule. But some insurance companies, such as HealthNet Health Plans, may not see negative impacts from Obama Care, simply because HealthNet Health Plans offers state-run programs.

California has already started complying with some of the new rules Obama Care — the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — set up. One of the rules is that each state must set up an exchange, a program wherein consumers can shop healthcare plans and pick the one that best fits them, whether private insurance, state insurance or federal insurance.

Preexisting Conditions: In 2014, according to Daily Finance, insurance companies have to cover people who have preexisting conditions. Opponents to Obama Care say that means that people who do not get health insurance will continue without until something happens that requires medical care at which time, those who previously chose not to get insurance will get insurance coverage at the last minute as they don't have to worry about being declined because of preexisting conditions. Opponents also say that eventually, people will catch on and will stop purchasing health insurance until it’s needed.

However, there is a downside to this. While some people may get lucky and be able to get health insurance before they get too ill to do anything about it, some won’t be so lucky. If someone is in an accident and suffers serious injury, chances are that person won’t be able to get insurance before he or she gets to the hospital. It behooves people to get health insurance as soon as possible.

HealthNet: HealthNet Health Plans, based in Woodland Hills, California, is one of the biggest health care companies in the United States, serving more than 6 million people. HealthNet Health Plans also provides mental health coverage to more than 6 million people in the United States. Of these, more than 100,000 people are enrolled in Medicare HMO plans through HealthNet Health Plans of California. Medicaid HMO plans available via HealthNet Health Plans have an enrollment of more than 800,000 people.

HealthNet Health Plans provides health insurance choices for families and individuals. The company also offers group employer plans, Medicare plans and California state health programs, making it convenient for small and large businesses to provide insurance for their employees — another requirement of Obama Care.

HealthNet Health Plans also offers dental and vision plans in California for those who need to add those modules to their insurance policy. A consumer in California may choose from 50,000 doctors and 4,000 pharmacies.

Choosing a Health Insurance Company: When making the decision to choose health insurance or to risk paying a penalty, consider those risks carefully. Instead of risking sub-par care because you don’t have insurance and risking paying a percentage of your income in a "punishment tax," visit HealthNet health plans to find the best insurance policy for your situation, whether you are an individual, have a family or have a business and need insurance for your employees. You can choose from several PPO or HMO plans to best suit your needs, including your financial needs.

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