Can Doctors Bring Down the Cost of Health Care?


U.S. health care spending last year totaled $2.68 trillion.  That's 10 times what health care cost in 1980 and  two-and-a-half times per capita more than most developed nations in the world.  [...]

Can Doctors Bring Down the Cost of Health Care?2018-01-05T07:25:23-07:00

2013: Changes Ahead in Health Care


After 3 years of rumbling court fights, legislative threats and golden promises, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) moves into first gear and begins 2013 with new taxes and a few changes [...]

2013: Changes Ahead in Health Care2018-01-04T10:41:35-07:00

Health Care This Year Comes with New Taxes


Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid, the health program for the poor,  will be expanded, enabling 32 million more people to have health insurance.  The law will also subsidize the [...]

Health Care This Year Comes with New Taxes2013-02-02T21:58:48-07:00

Is there a Doc-Fix for IPAB?


Congress has delayed a scheduled cut to doctors' Medicare reimbursements for another year as part of the Fiscal Cliff Agreement.  Fearing the consequences if payments to doctors for Medicare services were [...]

Is there a Doc-Fix for IPAB?2013-01-05T10:42:59-07:00

All You Need to Know About Medicare Part D


Medicare Part D is complicated.  There's no getting around it.  It's complicated because many conflicting interests have to be served to make it possible: drug manufacturers, drug retailers,  insurance companies,  drug [...]

All You Need to Know About Medicare Part D2018-01-04T10:51:22-07:00

Seniors Pay Too Much for Medicare Part D


Seniors with Medicare part D coverage will soon face an important deadline.  They have until Dec 7 to choose a new 2013 drug coverage plan.  If they do nothing they will [...]

Seniors Pay Too Much for Medicare Part D2012-11-29T21:33:49-07:00

Medicare Must Change


Medicare's growing costs make it a major component of our country's current debt crisis.  It must change quickly and maybe drastically to avoid certain economic ruin and preserve some form of [...]

Medicare Must Change2012-10-31T16:10:11-07:00

Concierge Medicine: A Moral Issue?


Concierge doctors restrict the number of patients they see, accepting 80-90% fewer patients than their primary care counterparts.  Their patients pay an extra $1500 - $2000 annually, over and above their [...]

Concierge Medicine: A Moral Issue?2012-10-15T10:00:28-07:00

Still More Reasons it’s Unconstitutional


The Affordable Care Act Ruling by courts on the Affordable Care Act's Constitutionality centered on the individual mandate and states' rights but many other issues in the bill run [...]

Still More Reasons it’s Unconstitutional2012-08-08T11:20:56-07:00

More Reasons it’s Unconstitutional


Our Declaration of Independence  was based on a government's over-bearing intrusion in our lives.  That's why the part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)  that people find most [...]

More Reasons it’s Unconstitutional2012-07-21T10:46:49-07:00