About Anthem Blue Cross of California

Anthem Blue Cross has seventy years experience developing and administering medical insurance plans in California. Through the years, industry experts, medical consultants, policy holders and medical providers have helped shape the plans that are currently offered to our members.With the financial support and full backing of our parent company, WellPoint, our team strives to provide cost effective coverage for individuals, groups and families.

As health care and insurance coverage are undergoing change nationally, we are committed to continuing to provide options for our clients that will improve their overall health and facilitate faster recovery times. To achieve these goals, Anthem Blue Cross works in close alliance with hospitals and regulatory agencies to improve the quality of care hospitalized patients receive, while maintaining reasonable cost limits.

As a leader among health insurance providers, Anthem is dedicated to developing viable solutions to mitigate the escalating costs of health care for Californians. In 2010, Anthem, The National Health Foundation and California’s Regional Hospital Associations launched an initiative to increase patient safety and reduce hospital-acquired illnesses. The joint effort was successful in reducing avoidable illnesses and vastly improving the quality of care for hospital patients in California hospitals. A cost-avoidance of over $11 million was achieved in the first full year of peer-to-peer learning practices.

Today, more than ever before in our nation’s history, innovative insurance plans and higher standards for care are necessary to improve the health of our communities. Anthem is proud to offer a broad range of policies for healthcare coverage designed to meet those goals in California communities.

Our policies offer coverage through Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) with and without prescription coverage. Low cost options are available for catastrophic coverage and general insurance needs. Select plans are also available for specific groups such as young adults and individuals who need a plan that works in conjunction with Health Savings Account programs.

Anthem insurance policies are recognized by most medical providers and the expansive list of providers included in the PPO and HMO registry makes using your policies easy. The highest level of savings is available through plans that work with a primary care physician (PCP). Co-payments and out-of-pocket expenses are clearly identified for policy holders in the summary of benefits to make financial and budgeting decisions easier. Prescription plans offer discounts and reasonable payments for all medication purchased at an in-network pharmacy, online or through a pharmacy of your choosing.

Some of our policies include:

Premier Plus This is a comprehensive PPO plan that offers extensive coverage benefits.
SmartSense® Plus This plan is priced very low, with basic coverage options.
CoreGuardSM Plus This plan provides coverage for sudden illness and injury.
ClearProtectionSM Plus This plan offers immediate benefits at a reasonable price.
Lumenos® HSA Plus The plan is designed to work with or without a Health Savings Account.
Tonik® The plans are better suited to younger adults.

Anthem embraces their responsibility to work within political and community networks to improve the quality of life for residents in our California communities. Part of that commitment is providing low-cost insurance plans that cover urgent care, preventative care and diagnostic services. To get a quote, click on the link below and follow the on screen details. We appreciate your interest and promise to continue to work with medical providers, law makers and members to deliver quality healthcare at prices California’s citizens can afford.