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Health Insurance Basics

Choosing Your Provider

Perhaps the number one thing that you need to know when choosing your health insurance provider is that you need a "long haul" company. Essentially, that means that your insurance provider needs to be a company with a long history, an excellent reputation, and thousands of satisfied customers. Yes, you may see some very highly discounted insurance rates advertised on television or on the Internet at times -- but if you look closely at precisely what they are offering, you may find that you're getting only minimal coverage from a company that really doesn't have a solid reputation.

We at California Health Plans have designed this site as a true resource for California residents needing any type of insurance. To that end, we give you quotes from several major providers so that you are able to get the right plan for your circumstances. Our health insurance providers include Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net, Aetna, and Kaiser Permanente: All respected names in health insurance, and all companies that truly stand behind their policies.

Determining Coverage Amounts

Many insurance buyers consider determining coverage amounts to be one of the most difficult health insurance basics to decipher. Whether it is life insurance, auto insurance, or home insurance, one simple fact will always remain true: Buying a bit too much coverage is infinitely superior to being under-insured. With health insurance this can be especially imperative.

Under-insuring your health can be just as serious a mistake as under-insuring your home or automobile. Put simply, you have got to be prepared for both the day to day medical costs as well as the major medical costs. Naturally, most of us don't plan for major medical emergencies to occur, but that does not stop them from happening. If you were to fall ill or get in a serious accident that sent you to the hospital for a protracted period, you need to have enough catastrophic illness coverage for that circumstance.

Just one day in a hospital here in California can cost at least $8,500 -- and when you multiply that many times over, it can eat up your insurance coverage quite rapidly. Regardless of the current state of your health, it is essential that you have catastrophic illness and injury coverage. Your insurance provider here at California Health Plans can help you determine the policy limits best for you and make certain that an unexpected major illness or injury won't ruin your finances and your family's lifestyle.

Your daily medical expenses may be fairly minor, and if you are a person who tends to only visit the doctor once a year or so, you may need only a minimal amount of basic health insurance coverage. However, if you have a history of medical issues that require regular or semi-regular attention, choosing a health insurance plan that allows you to make co-payments -- an HMO or a PPO plan -- is usually the best choice.

This will generally mean that you'll pay an amount that varies from around $15 to around $50 at the time you visit the doctor or other medical provider. Some PPO and HMO plans also have a yearly deductible that you would have to meet prior to making copays at the doctor's office.

Consider your past medical expenses when you are determining which type of basic health insurance policy to choose. Your past expenses, catastrophic illness not included, can be a good indicator of the level of coverage you need now.

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