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Is Finding Cheap Health Insurance Possible?

Handy Pointers in Finding the Ideal Health Insurance Plan with Wider Health Coverage

Let's be honest: It's hard to be positive and optimistic about health care right now. Whatever efforts Washington may be making toward healthcare, this debate has drawn a lot of attention to just how tough things can be in this country if you can't afford top-quality coverage.

Attaining cheap health insurance without sacrificing quality care is a very real possibility that depends on a number of factors. If you need coverage and simply can't afford to pay a high price, rest assured that there may well be a way for you to find the care that you need, and that we intend to put you on the right path by the time you're done reading this.

Checking Your Options

The first thing to do when you look for health insurance (or for cheaper health insurance than your current policy) is to examine the options available to you immediately. If your job provides you with a health care option; if you can get cheap coverage through your parents', spouse's or a family member's provider; or if you qualify for a special program that can get you covered due to a disability or your profession, it's best to check these options up front.

If you don't qualify for such considerations, so be it, but it's important to find out first so that we can write this option off of the list before moving on.

Emergency Medical Needs

While this is not a long-term solution, it can help in the meantime to look into public health services. There is likely a county medical services center somewhere in driving distance that delivers basic procedures on a sliding pay scale. This means someone who earns $30,000 a year will pay more for the same procedure than someone who earns $20,000 or $10,000. In short, the less you make, the larger a discount you are likely to see on your final bill.

This won't give you the best coverage in the long run, you're looking at long waits in line and spending more on some procedures than you might with a good health insurance plan, but it can help close the gap between now and the time when you have good coverage.

Exploring What's Available

Assuming that you don't qualify for coverage on an employer's, friend's, spouse's or family member's policy, it's time to move on and look at what you do qualify for. You may be surprised at the range of options.

A good way to start is to check out CaliforniaHealthPlans.com for some quotes on health insurance prices.

If you've had a bad experience shopping for insurance quotes before when buying car or home insurance, rest assured that you can expect a more positive experience when it comes to buying health insurance in the state of California. In the Golden State, insurance quotes are fixed by California law. This ensures a degree of honesty and transparency that you won't find in many other areas of the insurance industry.

Getting the Best Quote

Getting a fair, low and accurate quote on health insurance involves a few key steps. Keep these points in mind before conducting a search and you should do fine:

1. Get Your Information Together

For bests results, have all your information at hand when you fill out the quote form. You're going to need basic information for yourself -- name, address, date of birth -- as well as the same for any family members you hope to cover on the same plan. The information also includes details such as:

- Military history
- Medical insurance history
- Height and weight
- Information on existing conditions
- Basic job information
- Other information depending on quotes searched

It may seem like a lot of information, but it really takes no time to fill out as long as you have all of the relevant data at hand.

2. Set Sensible Priorities

What can you honestly afford? You won't know the exact price range of your quote until you submit all of your information, but you can prioritize and make sure that you don't go without the services you absolutely need.

Depending on your specific needs, you may decide that dental insurance is what really counts, or if you have the money you may want to go for full coverage. It all comes down to what you and your family need the most.

3. Selecting a Provider and a Plan

This is the part where people can get confused, so we'll break the two most common types of plans down in 20 words or less:

- HMO: HMOs typically involve lower premiums than other plans, low co-payments, and the highest level of coverage.

- PPO: PPOs offer greater freedom as you don't have to choose a primary physician, though you pay higher premiums.

If you're looking to save money above all, an HMO may be the way to go.

The Bottom Line: The truth about health insurance is that there are a lot of affordable plans out there. It's really just a matter of taking the time and effort to look for them. Check out Californiahealthplans.com. They offer no-obligation quotes from health providers like Blue Cross, Aetna and Kaiser Permanente, ensuring that you can find the coverage you want at a price you like.

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